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Hey amigo, my name is Emily. I’ve recently become addicted to cool vintage band shirts. I cannot tell a story without using my hands for props and I think about food way too often. Welcome to my humble little slice of internet paradise.

This nook of the web sprouted from the idea that a life without zest, is a life half lived. It took a 2-year adventure overseas to show me that there are hundreds of ways in which we can inject zest into our lives.

Your zest is your enthusiasm and your energy. It’s the things you do in your life where you forget time exists, where you smile from ear to ear and occasionally let out a loud ‘Heck Yes!’. When was the last time you did something like that?

If your life is lacking zest, if you’re at a point in your life where you feel stuck or in need of an escape or if there is that one amaze-balls thing you want to do with your life but you’re unsure how to combat the fear of the unknown and make it happen. Then don’t sweat it, amigo. You are in the right place my friend.

And don’t worry, I have felt all of these things at one point or another and in fact, I am right now, as we speak, living in a space where I ask myself on the regular ‘what the hell am I doing?’.

A day trip to the Grand Canyon

So you want to know my story?

I wasn’t sure how to share my story without waffling off on some long and wordy tangent and end up on a completely different topic (I kind-of, sometimes do this). So instead I turned my story into an infographic for ya. If you’re like me and dig eye-catchy images instead of thousands of words, you’re gonna love this…

Emily's story in an infographic

I share nuggets of wisdom from my own life experiences. These experiences mostly occur through trial and error. Over my last 26 years of existence, these are some of the most important lessons and phrases that life has given me, according to me…

  1. Life is not about having more, but experiencing more. A one-off event or experience is worth more than any material good.
  2. Travelling teaches you things about yourself and the world that no school or university ever will.
  3. Good things don’t happen and bad things don’t happen. Things just happen. They are only good or bad if you see it that way.
  4. Be the person your dog thinks you are.


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