You have a big dream to get the hell out of your comfort bubble, get overseas and go travelling. You’ve been thinking about it for a longgg time and you’ve been following so many other people’s adventures on Youtube and Instagram you’re just itching to pack a bag and go. You’ve been googling the crap out of destinations in your lunch break and you’ve already got a list of the amazing things you’d love to tick off your bucket list. So why haven’t you booked the flight yet? Come on tell me, what’s been stopping you from grabbing your computer mouse or scrolling down the page on your tablet or phone and clicking that little button that says BOOK NOW?

Your Booking is Confirmed Button

It’s that little voice in your head that makes you question the unknown. Well, that devilish voice has a name, its a four letter word that can cripple even the biggest of dreams and aspirations. It’s called FEAR. Now don’t feel bad, we all have it but the only difference between you and the person who is off travelling RIGHT NOW is that they stared fear straight in the face, threw up their middle fingers and said……… well, you can use your imagine for that part.

I know this because I have been on both sides of the fence. For a long time I had a dream to go to South America but having no idea how to plan for long term travel and having so many questions I didn’t know the answers to, I continually let the fear of the unknown convince me that my dreams should remain just that… dreams.

It wasn’t until I realised that the things I wanted more than anything else (to travel) was right there on the other side of my fears. So I grew a pair of balls (figuratively, of course), punched fear in the face, booked my one way flight and set off on the biggest trip of my life to 15 different countries over 2 years. It was THE BEST decision I had ever made.

A day trip to the Grand Canyon

I have now been in my home country of Australia for a little over 12 months and I am absolutely itching for the next big adventure. And so yesterday I did something crazy… and awesome. I booked a one-way ticket to Europe. So far I have nothing but my flight. I plan on organising a German working holiday visa, travelling around Europe (no idea where to start) and eventually finding a job. I don’t speak German (yet) and I now have to organise EVERYTHING including where I am going to travel within Europe, how I am going to get around, travel insurance, saving saving saving and also deal with my current life here in Australia before I pack up everything and jet set over to the Northern Hemisphere. So even all of this doesn’t seem too crazy, except for the fact that my flight leaves in just 12 weeks!

If you have the dream to travel but you have no idea where to start, I feel ya! I’ve been exactly where you are but guess what, I also know what it feels like to conquer your fears and master the art of overseas travel, and it feels gooooooood.

So here’s what I propose. I am about to prepare for long term travel from start to finish but this time around, I know what I am doing. You want to travel but have no idea where to begin. Do you see where I am going with this? Let’s call this my:

Travel Dream to Overseas Destination 12 Week Challenge

Between now and the 25th of July (and beyond if you want to follow my adventures) I am going to share with you my own personal blueprint of organising overseas travel. From the different ways I research and plan, to the goals I set, to what and how I pack right through to the time I have my flight ticket and visas in hand, you will have a front row seat to soak up the information and ask me any questions along the way.

So if you are sick and tired of dreaming about travelling and want to start DOING IT, consider this your FREE 12 WEEK CHALLENGE to do exactly that. So get those middle fingers up, face your fears and politely give them a high-five, in the face, with the biggest chair you can find. It’s time to start living, baby!

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