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Who, me? I am simply chasing the very 'zest' of life and refusing to do anything that doesn't set my soul on fire. 



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You will learn more about yourself [and the world] by travelling just once,

than you ever will living in the same place your whole life.


USA Road Trip by The Very Zest

3 Words That Will Inspire You To Take A Road Trip

During my EPIC two year travel adventure from 2014 – 2016 I was lucky enough to experience ‘life on the road’ in several very interesting, different and exciting ways. In South America, overland buses was our main mode of transport which ranged from comfortable leather reclining seats in commercial Argentinian […]

gorge walk stradbroke island

7 Reasons Stradbroke Island Should Be Your Top Travel Destination in 2017

Formally known as Stradbroke Island but known to all locals simply as Straddie, this island paradise is close enough to civilisation to make a weekend getaway a breeze yet far enough off the grid to feel like you have completely escaped the rat race, perfect! However, be mindful that the […]

love sunrise

This Valentine’s Day I Have a Date With the World

Move over chocolates and flowers, unless of course I’m eating local chocolate in Belgium or exploring the Feria de Las Flores (Festival of the Flowers) in Medellin, Colombia. This Valentine’s Day I will be running solo for the first time in 9 years. Wow, it sounds even more crazy when […]

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